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HVAC Maintenance Services

A/C Maintenance

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Having regular maintenance on the major systems in your home is one of the most important decisions a homeowner should consider. A well maintained system will not only perform more efficiently, but it will also experience fewer costly breakdowns. Most manufacturers now require proof of routine maintenance in order to validate certain extended labor and parts coverages.

A Smith Services maintenance plan will be designed to accommodate your homes cooling and heating system or systems to ensure year round proper operations.


All Smith Services maintenance plan customers also receive a 10% discount on all non covered service and repairs, and receive same day priority service and never any overtime or weekend service rates.


During routine maintenance our qualified technicians will perform the following services:

  • Clean or replace air filters

  • Clean and treat condensate drain lines and pans

  • Monitor refrigerant levels during system operation

  • Check thermostat operation

  • Check amperage draws on all motors and compressors

  • Inspect blower wheels and housings

  • Inspect indoor and outdoor coil conditions

  • Lubricate all moving parts

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Protect yourself and your residence while adding years of life of the most expensive systems in your home. Contact us for more information about our maintenance plan.

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